Print Quality

We offer two kinds of print quality—high-end Giclées, that are the same size as the original paintings, and smaller laser prints of varying sizes. Giclées are practically like getting an original painting. On many paintings you can barely tell the difference between a Giclée and the original. (See below for more about Giclée printing.) Laser prints are high quality print on acid free double mat paper and are fairly true to the color of the original paintings. All of our prints are hand signed by Mantradevi and Giclées come with a certificate of authenticity.

About Giclée Printing

The superior command of color accuracy and archival capacity make the Giclée Print the premier fine art printing process. Giclée is a French term meaning 'to spray', or as it applies to the Giclée print process, 'spray of ink'. Giclée printing uses ink jet to apply a stream of over 4,000 droplets of pigment per second onto premium watercolor paper or canvas. Each tiny and precise droplet is smaller than a human blood cell. This makes the resolution of the Giclée print higher than a traditional lithographic print, with dot pitch that is discernible only under high magnification. Giclee's also have a wide color spectrum that renders vivid, saturated colors, and a quality that retains minute detail, subtle tones and blends. These remarkable levels of quality and accuracy make it difficult to tell the difference between an original and a Giclée. Giclée prints have won the recognition of the fine art critics worldwide and enjoy an impressive exhibition record. They have been shown in premier museums and galleries of the world, including the British Art Museum, the New York Metropolitan Museum, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.

Archival Fine Art Prints

We only use the highest quality archival inks on the finest quality canvas or paper. We work with technicians who are leaders in the field and uphold the most rigorous standards of excellence. With proper care your giclée print will last for up to 130 years or more.

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